Summer of Mystery

My fiancé, Amanda, and I have recently become enthralled by the challenges of the people at Hershey and who ever makes Sour Patch Kids. Both companies have challenged the public to try mystery flavors of the famous candies, Twizlers and Sour Patch Kids. I must point out these candies are made by separate companies and are solely linked because at the time this article is being written they are hosting the same competition.

A few weeks ago, Amanda and I were walking through a local Walmart, dodging the typical mullet sporting, cut off jean wearing, cigarette smoking people whose typically clamoring through the aisles. On a side note, why is it that people seem to lose all common courtesy to while in that place? I mean people are complete assholes while under the Walmart roof.

Amanda and I love candy. So much so, we usually can not have it in the house because we will eat it all like ravenous dogs. Amanda found a bag of Twizzlers which were supposedly a mystery flavor. We thought it would be fun to taste the new flavor of one of our favorites so we purchased the candy for about $2.59 or so.

We brought it home and sat on the couch watching television while pondering over the taste of. These new Twizzlers. I have to hand it to the marketing tactic because as I type this I am working on our second bag of the treat alongside my beautiful fiancé. We have decided that the flavor is most likely a berry combination of some sort.  We see that many people are claiming to taste and smell vanilla, however neither of us can agree with this. 

My personal opinion is that the mystery flavor of Twizlers is fruit punch.  Amanda is guessing it is a wild berry of some sort, but will not give a definitive answer. 

We have also purchased a bag of the Mystery Sour Patch kids which we found at the 7-11 down the road. We enjoyed the game with the Twizelrs so much we figured the Sour Patch Kids would give us the same, however it became much more. 

Sour Patch Kids gives clues on each bag to help the public with guessing the flavor. Amanda took it a step further by researching what each clue alluded to and how it would relate to the flavor. This occupied us in discussion and research throughout the evening one night, and we had fun with the absurdity of it all. Our research was over and we had ended up with numerous guesses.  We were encouraged to input our guesses on their website. Another step in the process and it also gives you the ability to win $50,000.00.  I am not deluded enough to think that we would have any chance of winning, however we had fun imagining it.  Sometimes that is all you need to have a truly fun time with the person you love.  I have not seen anything like this from the Twizzler contest but I might be wrong. If there is a competition or website for guessing the flavor let me know by contacting me. 

We have made three guesses for the sour Patch Kids. The first was JackFruit.  We determined it was close to the flavor but one of the clues we bought alluded to it based on it being an Asian fruit.  We also guessed Pina Colada. Finally we guessed Banana Cream Pie, which we both feel is correct based on the overall taste of the candy and the clues.  

The Sour Patch Kids are different in many ways than the Twizlers, most notably the odor. Twizzlers smell fantastic, like an air freshener that you’d want to eat. The Sour Patch Kids however smell like chemicals and burnt plastic, which do not make them very appealing and do not assist in the flavor identification. The coloring is also very much different. Now I am not sure if the people at Sour Patch Kids factory purposely made them almost translucent/white in order to avoid tipping someone off of the flavor or if this is the color they will be sticking with. The Twizzlers have a dark purplish color which I am sure some goth 15 year old girl has dyed her hair.

Overall I am really into the contests these companies have come up with and genuinely want to find out the new flavors. Maybe it is the lack of stimulation from COVID related isolation, but I am into it. Let me know if you are too.

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