Breaking the Ice: A story of my childhood

It was early December and I walked out of the false warmth of my home into a beautiful crisp northern New Jersey afternoon.  The sky was crystal blue and the air was clear, so translucent it felt surreal.  Wind scattered bursts of snow from the high plowed banks lining the sides of the street.  IContinue reading “Breaking the Ice: A story of my childhood”

Collection of Poems

#13 We are constantly waiting and violently shaking It is holding us back, holding me back. These nights in the basement and my lack of patience. Is holding us back, holding me back. Now it is time to wake up this nightmare is over. Everyone is screaming this nightmare is over. My nightmare… It isContinue reading “Collection of Poems”

Lost Love – A Bad Short Story

I was the luckiest man in the world at one time. I was utterly in love with my soulmate.  The love of my life was named Darcy.  The tragedy of our story is that her and I would not get the opportunity to grow old together. I can assure you the realization of this inevitableContinue reading “Lost Love – A Bad Short Story”

Young Engines of Broadway: The Film

I published a short blog a week or so ago. This is the follow up film to that article. The following film is my final project for a creative writing course I am currently enrolled in at Rutgers. Please watch the film and feel something. Read the earlier article, if you have not already, andContinue reading “Young Engines of Broadway: The Film”

The Young Engines of Broadway

I recently saw a heart broken 75-year old man see his dream collapse around him in the midst of our nation’s recent epidemic. Playhouses and theaters around Manhattan are shuttering their windows and closing their doors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many shows are uncertain when, if ever, they will be able toContinue reading “The Young Engines of Broadway”

Particles Traveling Backwards Through Time? Watch Out DeLorean Motor Company.

On March 14, 2018 Stephen Hawking passed away leaving an enormous intellectual legacy behind. Ten days prior to his death Hawkins was still working on his final paper titled, “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation.” The co-author, Thomas Hertog, made a few small revisions to the paper, but nothing significant after Hawking’s death. The paperContinue reading “Particles Traveling Backwards Through Time? Watch Out DeLorean Motor Company.”

A Black Hole: Not the void in my chest where my heart should be.

A recent paper published by astronomers from the European Southern Observatory, ESO, states astronomers have discovered a new black hole. The recently found stellar object is reportedly the closest to earth to be found and has given supporting evidence of many more black holes present throughout our universe.   Black holes are not a recently discoveredContinue reading “A Black Hole: Not the void in my chest where my heart should be.”

Chalk A Win Up For The James Webb Space Telescope

In the midst of the COVID-19 shutdowns, many things are uncertain during these turbulent times. The team at Northrop Grumman located in Redondo Beach, CA has begun limiting the number of people working on the James Webb Space Telescope testing procedures. Even with the reduction in personnel the James Webb Space Telescope just met aContinue reading “Chalk A Win Up For The James Webb Space Telescope”