Hypertritons Helping Uphold Physics and Explaining What is in the Core of Neutron Stars

No need to worry the laws of our universe are still holding up. Physics for the most part still seems to be accurate, which is good news for us all. Recent research, published by The STAR Collaboration, has found hypertritons to have the same mass as it’s opposite, the antihypertriton. This discovery has allowed aContinue reading “Hypertritons Helping Uphold Physics and Explaining What is in the Core of Neutron Stars”

Gillian Knapp at a Glance

Gillian Knapp had just gotten out of prison when she came walking into Princeton Astrophysics Department building. It was a soggy afternoon in New Jersey and she found me sitting in the lobby. She ushered me down a corridor into her office and welcomed me and offered me a seat. I sat down. An acclaimed astronomer,Continue reading “Gillian Knapp at a Glance”

Fusion Energy Is Becoming Viable

I grew up in the 90’s, a time where the cartoon “The Jetsons,” promised us engineering which would provide our species sanctity over the pollution and destruction prior generations had done to the earth. The cartoon took place in 2062, we are 42 years away from the technology they promised, which is not out ofContinue reading “Fusion Energy Is Becoming Viable”